The wheels of Fortune keep changing. As we bid adieu to Delhi and relocate permenantly to Bangalore, we would love to catch up with old friends and collegues before our "D" (Departure) Day - the 3rd of May 2005"

Niti Raj Singh(Symantec) & Gurprit Gulati(ex IBM)   

Vishal Ohrie(IBM), Seemant Chaudhary(Citrix) & DK Gautam(IBM) listen to the Gyan being doled by none other than Jas (Jasbrinder Kapoor-Oracle)

Sunil Bhatt(IBM), an Unknown Guest & the Evergreen Sardar Sarabjeet Khurana(Verisign) pose for the Camera.

Manish Bapat(EMC),Trideeb Roy(Sun) & The Man from Singapore- Zubin Shroff.

Sandeep Angresh,Neelam,Vineet Kshirsagar The MS Gang

Shashi Kanth(EMC) and Pratul Chandra(SAS)

Move or I will Shoot Jas(Oracle),Vikas Chaudhary(IBM) & Sunil Mehra(Oracle)