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Lenovo  "Great Service! Connect Takes the pain of understanding the needs and identifying the more suitable candidates - they take that extra step" -- Neraj Sharma, MD Lenovo India

EMC  Connect has been very successful in connecting us with several top notch professionals across the country, who aspire a career in EMC! -- Pramod Fernandes, Dir HR EMC

BEA "Connect has played an important role in fulfilling our top talent search and staffing requirements. To match the right person he right job is the key to our business success and over the past two years they have partnered with us to achieve this" -- Shaily, MD BEA India

Vmware "Connect has been an invaluable partner for us in India. Our company's presence in India is only recent but we have been able to execute on aggressive growth plans with the support of connect, who have helped not only by leading the recruiting effort in three cities for us, but by guiding us on variety of human resource issues." -- Jim Lenox, GM South Asia VMware.